Workout Update: Week 3

Hi everybody! I hope you’ve seen by now that you can workout at home and get results! If you’re just now joining me on this workout journey, please take a look at Week 1 and Week 2! Don’t worry; I’ll be right here waiting! 🙂

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This week, just like last week, we’re going to kick it up a notch! I hope you’re ready to feel the burn!!! But first, let’s take a look and see if there have been any changes…

Weight: 141 pounds

Bust: 37”

Waist: 30”

Hips: 40”

Yay!!! I lost a little weight! It wasn’t a lot, but a loss is better than a gain. This week I’m going to step it up… I plan to take the kids to the park every day and PLAY LIKE A KID! If you’ve ever done that, you’ll know it’s a workout!

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WorkOut-Inspiration workout at home and get resultsAnd now on to our planned workout for this week:

Jan 16- 140 Squats, 70 situps, 95 crunches, 42 leg raises, 60 second plank

Jan 17- Run/Jog/Walk 3.5 miles

Jan 18- 150 Squats, 75 situps, 100 crunches, 42 leg raises, 65 second plank

Jan 19- 155 Squats, 80 situps, 110 crunches, 48 leg raises, 70 second plank

Jan 20- 160 Squats, 85 situps, 120 crunches, 50 leg raises, 75 second plank

Jan 21- Run/Jog/Walk 4 miles

Jan 22- 180 squats, 90 situps, 130 crunches, 52 leg raises, 80 second plank

As you can see, this week will be even harder than last week, but the reward will be great! So let’s keep pushing through and get to a new and better us!

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