Why Alicia In A Small Town

alicia in a small townI have been asked many, many times why I would name my blog something like Alicia In A Small Town. Why not name it something else? Something that tells more about what the blog is about.

Well, the fact of the matter is, the blog is about me. And, as much as I tried not to be a small town girl anymore… Guess what? I am Alicia in a small town.

Why Alicia In A Small Town?

You might think it’s a boring story, but it’s not. I promise you that. You see, when I was 17 I met a Marine, married him at 18, had a baby at 19, and left rural Georgia in the dust before I turned 20. I thought I was gone for good.

I moved to a quaint little area between Ann Arbor and Detroit, Michigan first. We stayed there for about a year. I hated it there, but toughed it out for my son.

After that though, we moved to the big city of Indianapolis. I had another son while living there, and soon fell in love with the city and made some pretty good friends there. None of them ever believed that I could possibly be from some little bitty town where everybody knows everybody, but I was.

Fate took it’s toll on my marriage, and I ended up back in Georgia one February morning in 2010… Not long after I moved back, I got a true taste of what small town living was like, the good and the bad, and when I would tell my friends from up north about it, they couldn’t believe their ears, so I soon began to chronicle it for everyone in this wonderful blog.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this story of how Alicia In A Small Town came to be, and I sincerely hope that you will come back and join me again! For a good laugh, and to get an idea of what small town living is like, check out this post.

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