Valentine’s Day For The Kiddos…

Valentine’s Day can get really expensive if you let it… I have been known to spend upwards of $50 each year on Valentine’s for the kids classes, the teachers, and the extra people in my kids lives. The thing is, it’s nonsense to do that. I know all the kids love getting candy, but isn’t the point of all this just to show people that you care? Today we will discuss some really cute Valentine ideas for children that won’t break your budget!

Today, we’re going to┬ápost some cute Valentine’s for the kids that won’t cost you a bundle!

valentine craft ideas for children

On top of being super cute and easy, I think this is an amazing way to teach your child something new! The hand in the picture is making the sign for “I Love You”.



handmade Valentine ideas for children

In my opinion, this one is the cutest possible! Just get some paper and fingerpaint and let the kiddos write their own personal message in the hearts!



handprint heart Valentine ideas for childrenIf your little one doesn’t write just yet, and still wants to do a hands-on project, this may just be the one for them, with a little help from mom, of course!



dynamic duo candy valentines Valentine ideas for childrenThis is a cute idea if you just have to do candy… And this is probably what we’re doing for my oldest son’s class of ALL BOYS!



kids-Valentines-Day-craft-butterfly-with-lollipop Valentine ideas for childrenThis card was handpicked by my youngest, my butterfly lover. It’s actually very simple to do, and you can get creative with stickers too!



valentine idea for children teacherLast, but not least, is what my kiddos decided to do for their teachers, bus driver, principal, and other people in their lives. All it takes is Lifesavers, Hershey Kisses, some colored paper, and a little glue!



I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post and gotten some great ideas! Please feel free to share your own as well!



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