So, this one is untitled… And hopefully unfinished. I wrote it a year or two ago. It has some work to go, but I still love it. Maybe eventually I can find a good finish for it. 🙂

Daddy’s little girl,
Momma’s beauty queen,
Always the teacher’s pet,
And every boy’s dream.
The neighborhood wild child,
But parties weren’t her scene.
The girl had her choice of boys,
But had a bigger dream.
She dreamed of an escape,
She wanted out of here.
She felt she would suffocate,
Being stuck was her biggest fear.
She worked and she went to college,
But made mistakes along the way.
She found her way out,
But who knew she’d met her fate?
She met a tall handsome man,
He promised her the world,
He asked her to marry him,
Him, with a small town girl.
He told her that he loved her,
But changed her day by day,
He told her that he loved her,
But never showed that he felt that way.
One day she awoke,
And took a long look in the mirror,
At that moment her heart broke,
She’d become her biggest fear.
A part of her had died,
And yet she had gone on.
To live a life so lifeless,
Was something she’d no longer condone.
Slowly she came back,
Almost as if reborn.
But the person she turned into,
Was the subject of his scorn.
The more she changed,
The more he yelled,
Her life soon became,
An absolute living hell.
One fateful night,
When she returned from work,
She came home to find,
A drunken, mean, and quite scary, jerk.
That night changed her forever,
It still haunts her in her memories,
That night changed her forever,
That night she decided to leave.
She ran as fast as she could,
Back to that sleepy little town,
She ran as fast as she could,
Until safety she had found.
And so now she sits and waits,
And she dreams every day,
Now she sits and waits,
Wondering, will she ever escape?

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