Unsung Heroes: Birth Mothers

I have seen the amazing things that adoption has done. I have several friends that were adopted. Also, I am friends with some pretty amazing people have adopted. But you know who I think the strongest person on earth is? The birth mother.

While it takes an extremely special person to love a child that they are not biologically related to (I love my kids, but I am not a kid person), it takes a whole other level of love to carry a child for nine months, and love them enough to know that you cannot give them the life that they deserve.

A little personal…

This has been on my heart a lot lately. My mom, my siblings, and myself all did an Ancestry DNA test not long ago, and we found a relative that we didn’t know. You always hear stories, but it actually happened to us. I have a first cousin who was born in the sixties to a teenage girl, and while I do not know the entire story, I know that she was unable to keep him.

I cannot imagine the pain that she must have felt, knowing that she may never see him again. Back in those days, no one would have ever thought of DNA testing and a chance of finding each other on the internet.

I worry about how my cousins must feel. What’s it like to have a brother you never knew existed? Had they heard rumors that their mom had another child? This was probably hard for them to swallow.

I’ve been keeping in touch with my new-found cousin. My mom, my siblings, and myself have seen him several times now. I find it so funny every time I see him, he looks exactly like our uncle, there would be no denying him.

To the teenage girl who gave her son up- You are my hero. You gave him an amazing life. I wish that you could see that. I also believe that if you would meet him, you would instantly fall in love with him just like the rest of our family has.

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