Two months left

Wow… We have less than two months left of this pregnancy now! So the plan was to post this over a week ago… But this third trimester is, well, exhausting, and I tend to get off track very fast. I like napping. A lot. And I constantly feel the need to rearrange my house. My husband says that the nesting instinct has kicked into overdrive. I say that’s completely possible, but it doesn’t help that we’ve only been in our house for two months, so I am still attempting to make everything feel like “home” while also preparing for our new family member.

So, what have I been up to in our countdown to Baby Babb?

Hospital tour

I attempted to schedule a hospital tour… But, they have them at night, which is great for the hubs’ schedule, but horrible for a mom in her third trimester, who, much like a bear, just wants to hibernate. Here’s hoping that the third time is the charm, and we actually make it to the next one we sign up for… I have a lot of questions, considering I haven’t given birth in almost a decade, and this hospital is completely new to me.

Packing hospital bag

I have been constantly attempting to pack my hospital bag… My car is ready, the carseat is installed, and Baby Babb’s bag is packed. I even threw a few items in a bag for the hubs… The only problem is, I can’t seem to pack one for myself because I use most of the items that are suggested to have in it… Like, ya know, maternity pants for going home in. That, or I just don’t have stuff yet. I feel sooooo behind. 🙁 I really hope that I get some gift cards at my baby shower and I can get a few of the things that I desperately need (like nursing pjs!)

Speaking of…

Baby showers

My first baby shower is this weekend!!! I am so beyond excited! The ladies from church got together and are throwing me an amazing baby shower (I will definitely be sharing pictures!). They have really worked so hard to make me feel extra special, which is awesome, because other than that, I have felt really yucky lately…

Stocking up

Yes, I have been stocking up… My boys ALWAYS used Pampers diapers, for two reasons. One, because I LOVE the Pampers Points program, and all the cool things that you can earn. Two, because my youngest would break out in a horrific rash if I put another kind of diaper on him. It only seemed logical to stock up on Pampers diapers this time around. I clipped a TON of coupons each month, with the help of friends and family members, and bought the smallest pack of diapers offered for the coupons (this is the best way to get the most bang for your buck with coupons, and if I have too many of a particular size, it turns into a great baby shower gift later). Amazon also helped me to stock up with a rewards program that they had going on for their baby registries… After a certain amount had been purchased off my baby registry, they GAVE me $150 in free diapers and wipes!

Join Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial

I also took this time to stock up on things that we need around the house… Things like toilet paper (I love Charmin, and can get pretty awesome coupons for it each month too!), hand soap, shampoo, body wash, laundry detergent, and some nonperishable groceries. I tried to make it easy by just grabbing a dollar pump of hand soap and a small-ish pack of toilet paper each time I went to the store… And the other toiletries, I just bought an extra here and there since we don’t go through it quite as fast. We are pretty much set to not have to leave the house after we get home from having the baby… Although I am thankful that I have a mom and mother-in-law that will gladly run and get stuff for me if I really need it.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen some pictures of what we have going on… But, just in case you don’t, here’s a few. 🙂


I did it! It’s finished! #BabyBabb has a swing! #fisherprice #snugapuppy #socute #nowimtired

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Oh, and an updated belly pic, of course! 😉

32 weeks, 2 days… Feeling huge. Less than 8 weeks until we get to see you #BabyBabb!

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