“Today’s the day, Mommy!”

“Today’s the day, Mommy! Today’s the day we go to Westville!” Those are the words I was greeted with this morning as my youngest son, who never wakes up in time for school ran out of his room… He’s on fall break, so he gets to sleep in, but today he’s excited, because today’s the day.

What he doesn’t know is that today we won’t be welcome there. Today, they won’t want us anywhere near the gates. Today, even though we’ve felt that that place was like a second home to us all of our lives, they will look at us like insects that need to be squashed.

You see, today we are protesting the move of our little home. Today, we are letting them know that it is not okay. Today, I plan to look Mike Bunn square in the eye and tell him that he cannot do this to our little community that worked so hard to build this.

While we’re talking about Mike Bunn, I want to say that he’s not the evil man I envisioned. I first heard his name when I heard that they were talking about moving Westville. I envisioned this greedy, pathetic old man. When I received what was meant to be a very intimidating letter from him, I pictured the utmost evil. After numerous attempts to contact him, I finally looked him up on Facebook. He looks like a nice guy, a family man. But, this nice guy is attempting to steal what means so much to me and my community… This nice guy is nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

You see, Mike Bunn was completely in the wrong to send me an intimidating letter. He alleged that I had illegally reproduced Westville’s logo, when I had done nothing of the sort. He threatened me, a seemingly easy target. He threatened a single mom, a small business owner, what looked to be an easy target. Really though, he only insulted my intelligence. He underestimated me. Today, I intend to tell him just that, face to face.

“Today’s the day, Mommy! Today’s the day!”

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