The Perfect Running App

Hunting for the perfect running app?

Since the beginning of my fitness journey (really since April 1, 2015) I have been on the hunt for the the perfect running app. There are so many out there that it’s hard to decide which one to go with… I’ve been researching, both online and through trial and error on my own, and here’s what I’ve found so far:


Runkeeper lets you sign in with your Google or Facebook account, which is always great, or allows you to set up an account on your own. You get proper tracking of your workout, the ability to choose from a number of training plans (lose weight, train for a race, just get started, etc.) and has various levels for all sorts of exercises. You get audible notifications (mine are set to give me my distance and average pace every 5 minutes , which is the default and absolutely AWESOME), and you can add friends for accountability and fun. The app is nicely designed, easy to use and has pro upgrades (through an in-app purchase) that opens up more sharing features. Will connect with a FitBit and ANT+ heart-rate monitors. Runkeeper tracks and lets you know your fastest runs, when you hit a new PR. All being said, Runkeeper is one of my new favorites.


Nike’s app is compatible with iOS and Android. You don’t even need a Fuel Band — the app will track things for you. You also get audible feedback and cheering, music support, and more…

Zombies, Run

Running sucks. (At least if you’re normal, it should suck.) This app makes it fun. Immersive and alternate reality games are nothing new, but Zombies, Run brings it into the fitness space. You’re running. Zombies are chasing. There are plenty of stories to keep you entertained, so it keeps things fun. Want interval training? It can do that, too. If you’re more of a walker than a runner, the app can handle that, too. (Just make sure you walk faster than zombies shuffle.)


The good people who built this app actually built several different ones… MapMyRun, MapMyWalk, MapMyRide, etc. I choose to use plain old MapMyFitness. This app breaks down every aspect of your fitness regimen and keeps you on track, literally, using your smartphone’s GPS. This all-in-one fitness tracker will collect, log and record your workout, giving you the freedom to concentrate on getting through that last mile. You can use this app to see your “vitals,” such as calories burned, distance completed, speed, duration and pace. This fitness tracker not only logs the data, but it also analyzes it for you, allowing you to pattern your workout based on your own statistics. MapMyFitness has a built-in BMI calculator, which is AWESOME if you’re like me and you have a million different apps that track all of this information, it makes it a one stop shop. Did I mention that it also gives you the option to track the miles you wear each shoes? Yes, this app is A-Ma-Zing! You will love it as much as I do, I promise. AND, it’s free, unless you opt in for extra coaching… Which you have the option for a monthly or annual subscription.

Now that I've given you the perfect running app, get out and do it!
Now that I’ve given you the perfect running app, get out and do it!

So, with this you can see there are several different options for the perfect running app, and you can probably tell which ones are my two favorites… Please comment and tell me which running/fitness apps are the perfect running app for you! 🙂

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