The Best Oreo Dirt Cake!

If you are looking an easy (and cheap) dessert that your family will love, look no further than this Oreo Dirt Cake! This is the best Oreo Dirt Cake that I have EVER had, and I just had to share the recipe with you… My kids love it, the hubs loves it, and I love it!

Oreo Dirt Cake

Without further ado…

Oreo Dirt Cake

Are you ready for the deliciousness?



Place the Oreos in a plastic bag and crush them.  The easiest way to crush a large amount of Oreos at one time is to put them in a gallon size plastic bag and crush them by using a rolling pin.  Mix the vanilla instant pudding, milk, cool whip and cream cheese until smooth.  Slowly add the confectioner’s sugar until well blended.

Place a layer of crushed Oreos on the bottom of the cake pan.  Then alternate layers of the cream cheese mixture and Oreos.  Sprinkle Oreos on top for garnish.

Oreo Dirt Cake 2

Did you try the Oreo Dirt Cake?

If you tried this Oreo Dirt Cake recipe, I want to hear all about! Did you love it? Did you make any changes to it? If you didn’t love it, what do you think would make it better? Please make sure to tell me what you think! I really can’t wait to hear from you…

Whether you loved it or not, just remember, I’ll be back next week with another dessert recipe, so please come back again!

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