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Lego DIY Roundup

With Kyle’s birthday today, and his favorite thing on earth still being Legos, I figured that it would be fun to replace our DIY Saturday with a Lego DIY Roundup. Below you will find a few of our FAVORITE Lego DIY tutorials, all Kyle-approved!

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Slinky Day

Did you know that today is Slinky Day? Yes, it is!!!

The humble Slinky was invented in the 1940’s by Navy engineer and inventor, Richard James. It proved an immediate hit, and selling out in just a few hours, quickly became one of our favourite toys. Slinky Day celebrates the humble Slinky, and should be spent doing slinky tricks, watching Slinkies race down staircases, or simply untangling the things as they inevitably knot, twist and spiral!

Slinky Day
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For Slinky Day, me and my boys will be having fun playing with Slinkies and other screen-free toys.

Cool Things To Do With A Slinky

  1. Have your palms facing up. Place one end of the slinky on each palm. Move your hands up and downs. It forms a bridge type thing.
  2. If you have stairs or steps you can try to make it ‘walk’ down them by pushing it until it works. You might have to experiment with it for a little.
  3. If you hold both ends with your hands (palms facing each other) you can make waves. If it is to long (it sags down some what) get a friend and do it.
  4. Hold one end and play with it like a yo-yo.
  5. Hold one end and use it like a paddle ball.
  6. Use it as a paper weight.
  7. If you put papers between the rings you can use it as an awesome divider.
  8. Use it to distract people that are annoying you (although you might not get it back).
  9. Use it to make money by doing tricks or letting people rent it (money is fun).
  10. Try to come up with a game or something else. That’s really fun.

On a serious note: You can find some really cool things to do with your Slinky here.

How will you be celebrating Slinky Day?

Please comment below and tell me all about your Slinky Day!

We got this 3 pack (one for each of us!) so that none of us had to fight over them. 🙂
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