So Stinkin’ Excited!!!


So, I leave the city (and my apartment, of course!) for the weekend and come back to packages!!! If you know me, you probably know that I get excited over packages of any kind, especially the ink for my printer that came in today… That might be a little weird, but I don’t care! 😉

One of the awesome packages that I haven’t even opened yet is the investment that I spoke about a few days ago. I am DYING to open it. It was soooo heavy, and I had to drag the box back to my bedroom while attracting as little attention from my kids as possible. Oh, and no, I am still not telling you what it is. That will come very soon though, I promise!

One of the treats that I did get for coming back home was an awesome new bike!!! Mine is actually hot pink, but that’s the kind of bike it is. I am dying to get some baskets for it… And I actually ordered one already with my credit that I got from Amazon after my Amazon Prime order was delayed due to the weather. My next thing that I need to get is a back rack so that I can get these bad boys installed!

It’s looking like I’ll have a busy week ahead of me… With lots of packages. Coming in and going out! Oh, and there might be a surprise giveaway in the next day or two… So stay tuned! For right now, I’m about to open this humongous package I got in and start putting stuff together. And… I need to get to work on that online store! 😉

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