Spooning Since Frame DIY Tutorial

spooning since frame diy tutorial cute anniversary wedding craft for couplesMost of you know that I love a good craft… And what’s better than an awesome piece of home decor? I’ve been hunting for something perfect to decorate my home and celebrate mine and Steven’s relationship. That’s why I think this “Spooning Since” wall hanging would be perfect!

When I first happened across this picture, I searched and searched for the how-to on it, but the original was deleted… So I  decided that I am going to attempt to make it myself, and give you the spooning since frame diy tutorial.

Craft Time: Spooning Since Frame DIY Tutorial

For this project, we will need:

  1. An 8×10 frame
  2. Paint
  3. Vinyl cutouts of letters (because I can’t paint lettering)
  4. Two spoons (preferably a bigger and smaller one)
  5. A hot glue gun

The first thing we’ll do is take the glass out of the frame and scrap it. If you have something else you can use it for, then keep it, but I’ll be throwing mine away. Then, we’ll be painting the wood on the inside of the frame. Next, we’ll paint the outside of the frame (unless you like the color of it, in which case, pat yourself on the back and move on to the next step).

Now, if you’re like me and you’re using vinyl for your lettering, this is where you’ll get your Cricut, Silhouette, or plotter out and get to cutting.  Make sure to lay out your spoons and measure the area where your lettering will go. After you’ve cut the lettering, lay it out once more just make sure that everything will fit perfectly and look as you want it to. When you’re sure it’s just right, stick your lettering down.

After you’re finished with the lettering, plug your hot glue gun up. While the hot glue gun warms up, lay your spoons out once more to make sure that they are exactly where you want them. Now, dot some glue onto the backside of the spoon and on the handle.  I suggest starting with the larger spoon towards the middle first, and then going to the smaller spoon at the top.

Now that you’re done with the spoons, you’re done with your spooning since frame and you have a beautiful piece of work that is ready to hang in your home!

Thank you for joining me on the spooning since frame diy tutorial! I hope that you will join me for more, but in the meantime, share your photos of your finished project and tell me how long you and your hubby have been spooning!

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