My Son Wants To Be Homeschooled…

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I have the most awesome kids ever. I really do. In my opinion, that is. I love my little guys, even when they make me crazy (and yes, that is often!).  Unfortunately, I don’t always know how to respond to requests like the one I have been receiving for several days now… My oldest son has been begging for just one thing. My son wants to be homeschooled.

Now, I really don’t know what has caused this sudden need to be homeschooled, but for several days now he has been begging me to consider it. I have talked to him about it, and the only thing that he has said is that the kids scare him and they’re bad and mean. Then he says that the teacher yells (at the other kids, not him). Pretty much, he has made school sound like a living hell for him. What’s weird though is that I’m not sure where he even heard of homeschooling at…

Because I’m not really prepared to dive into homeschooling, and I’m pretty sure that the kid isn’t ready for it either, I have struck a deal with him. I have found several sites that give printable worksheets online and if he does 5 a day, every day (even on weekends), for a whole month, then we’ll discuss homeschooling.

Yesterday was our first day with this deal… He traded the work for video games, and said that he would start his work today. We’ll see how this goes. 😉

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