How A Single Mom Meets A Man…

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Over the past few days I’ve been talking with friends and neighbors, doing some soul searching, and honestly, just realizing how lucky I really am. One thing that I have yet to figure out (and glad that I don’t have to at this point) is how a single mom meets a man. I am blessed to have a wonderful one that I have actually known my whole life and that I can trust with my boys, but when I think of trying to meet someone without him, it scares me.

Things with the boyfriend and I weren’t always perfect… It still isn’t perfect, but he is perfect for me, so I get over things fairly quickly when I do get irritated with him. We started dating right after my divorce, and the timing just wasn’t right, so we broke up… for 10 months. But thankfully we decided to try again, and things are so much better now than they were before. During those 10 months though, I was lonely and tried to meet new men, which is nearly impossible for a single mom to do (especially when you have the kids pretty much ALL THE TIME and you don’t get every other weekend to go out). I tried three online dating sites… One that was free (and that I later found out was primarily used for hookups, not dating) and two that were expensive, but I never really found anyone that was a “quality” guy.

So, I’m here to tell you how a single mom met the man of her dreams… And you’ll be shocked. I met the man of my dreams on my sister’s front porch. Yep. I was living with her at the time, and I was on the front porch when he drove by and decided to talk to my brother in law. I wasn’t looking for him, and I didn’t really want to date him, I just wanted a friend to talk to… So I got off my butt, and told him to park his truck and come sit with me. A few weeks later, it turned into more.

Cell phone pictures 853As I said, it wasn’t perfect. About a year later we decided to take some time to breathe and see if we were meant to be… And for those 10 months, we didn’t speak a word to each other. To tell you the truth, I was heartbroken. I knew back then that he was the only one I wanted to be with, I just never knew how to make it happen. Thankfully though, he decided to email me around Christmas of 2012 and we were able to make it work.

To be honest though, I’m not sure how people do it… I met my ex-husband when I worked at a jewelry store. He came in with a friend and took me on a date that night, and many of my past relationships were started like that. I was never someone who went to bars or clubs and met people, it’s just not my style. I’m kind of in love with the fact that I actually met the man of my dreams when he was about 3 years old and hiding under a table at the bank… We may have met before then, but that’s my first memory of him… It just took us 20 years to find our way to each other.

To all the single moms out there, I wish you luck finding the man of your dreams. I will cheer you on and pray for you every step of the way… I know it’s scary trying to meet someone, and I can’t imagine what you go through. If I could give you one bit of advice though, it would be to stop and let him find you… Just don’t be scared to speak up if he almost drives right by though!

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