Should I Be Eating This?

A long time ago, I got some of the best advice that I wish I had been listening to my entire life, and today I am going to pass that advice on to you. My ex-husband’s grandfather was honestly one of the smartest men that I have ever met, and on a visit to see him and his wife, he took me grocery shopping and taught me a lesson that will stick with me for the rest of my life… Whenever you’re out grocery shopping, take a good long look at what you’re purchasing and say “Should I be eating this?”

should i be eating this ingredients listShould I Be Eating This?

His main advice to me was to look at the ingredient list.

  • Can you pronounce all the words?┬áIf you can’t, ask yourself “Should I be eating this?”
  • Can you tell me what that ingredient is? If you don’t know what it is (a plant, a meat, something that you can picture in your mind), ask yourself “Should I be eating this?”

I’ll go a bit further in his advice… Since we all have smartphones now, if you can’t tell what the ingredient is immediately upon reading it, Google it. Look it up and then ask yourself, “Should I be eating this?”

By taking a good, long, hard look at everything that goes into your cart, you will get yourself into a healthier mindset… Even if you aren’t ready to go running with me, you will be getting healthier with every shopping trip, and this is a sure fire way to help you lose a little weight and to feel a LOT better!

I hope that you all will take this to heart, and really look at that ingredient list the next time you go grocery shopping… Remember, just to ask yourself, should I be eating this?

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