Save Money Going Green: Part Two

Go-Green-Save-Money environmentally friendlyI posted last week about saving money and being environmentally friendly. I really hope that at least half of you who read the blog took it to heart and started making some changes… After all, you’re going green and saving some green! I have some additional tips for those of you who have decided to go the green route…


  • CFLs– A CFL is a compact fluorescent light. I want to challenge you to buy at least two each time you get paid. You’ll be surprised to see how much your light bill goes down if you replaced all the lights in your house immediately. These bad boys will pay for themselves in a matter of a few months.
  • Wrap your water heater– Wrapping your water heater is a good way to keep heat from escaping it, keep it from working more than it has to, and to keep money in your checking account!
  • Low-flow shower heads– A low flow shower head keeps water waste to a minimum, and since you won’t be using as much, you won’t be paying for as much on your water bill (electric bill if you have a well instead of city water!).
  • Grow your own herbs- Depending on your use of herbs in cooking, this can be something that will save you a lot of money in the long run. An added bonus to growing your own herbs to me is the joy of growing pretty plants in the dining room or kitchen.
  • Grow native plants- Native plants are best adapted to the local climate and once established, seldom need watering, mulching, protection from frost or continuous mowing.
  • Carpool- Carpooling saves gas money, miles on the car, and on all upkeep… Plus, it gives you a chance to socialize. What could be better?
  • Keep an eye on tire pressure– Keeping your tires aired up helps your car run more efficiently, and believe it or not, your car pays you back with better gas mileage!
  • Go to the carwash- The boyfriend and I will always fight about this one, but it is much more eco-friendly to go to the carwash than to wash your car at home (especially if you waste all that water washing your car in the driveway!). Some carwashes even recycle their water, but they all use much less water than you use at home, so be lazy and go to the carwash! If you absolutely HAVE to wash your car at home (like my sweet boyfriend) then you should at least pull onto the grass and do double duty by washing the car and watering the lawn.
  • Eat locally grown food- Granted, locally grown and organic is ideal, but if you’re given the choice of one or the other, locally grown is better for the environment than organic if your organic food is from hundreds of miles away. Look online or talk to people around you and ask where your local Farmer’s Market is, this is your best bet for locally grown food.
  • Last but not least is to shop local- Granted, you can save a few bucks by shopping at Walmart and discount stores, but if you love your environment and your local economy, shop at your local, small town stores. Shop the antique stores, a local furniture maker, find someone local who designs and sews (one way to ensure that you’re never dressed just like everyone else!). Just take a look around, you’d be surprised what you can get local so that you don’t have to pay to have something shipped from across the country (or world!) and so that you can truly be unique!

Check back soon for more tips on going green!

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