Let’s Shop Green With Reusable Shopping Bags!

I know I have preached many times about reusable shopping bags and not using plastic or paper bags. I have been using reusable bags since my oldest was born (almost 8 years now) but there is a problem that I have never addressed with you, mostly because I was ashamed to admit that I still screw up every now and then. A lot of reusable shopping bags get big and bulky and just are a pain to remember to bring with you. I have a trunk and coat closet full of bags like this. I forget them until I’m in the store with a cart full of groceries and on my way to the checkout. Because of this, I have two full plastic bags full of even more plastic bags at my house that I have to find creative ways to reuse.

Not long ago, I went in search of an answer to this problem. I have seen the reusable shopping bags that are small and compact enough to fit on your keychain when folded exactly the right way, and I even have a few of them, but they don’t stand up to my way of shopping. I needed something sturdy that would hold up to carrying several pounds and still be compact enough that I could carry them everywhere. And I needed enough of them to be able to fit all of my groceries for a week or two in them. After months of searching, my cousin finally mentioned a company that she saw on the news to me called My Eco. I checked them out, and they are an absolute answer to my prayers!

GetMyEco reusable shopping bagsThese bags are AWESOME! You get four bags that fold up together that create one pouch that zips up small enough to put in your purse (don’t worry, it’s super easy to fold them back up the right way and keep them compact, even after several uses… I put this to the test!) so that you can carry them everywhere! I LOVE the fact that they even have a little pocket on the outside of the pouch that I can slide my grocery list into; that makes my life so much easier!

use in cart reusable shopping bagsMore absolutely amazing things about these bags: They fit just right into your grocery cart (like a puzzle) and they are all clearly labeled with what belongs in each one: Glass jars and bottles, produce, dry goods, and they even have an insulated bag for your frozen and refrigerated items that zips up!

transport in car reusable shopping bags

easy to carry reusable shopping bagsI mentioned earlier that these bags are strong, right? I filled each of them to the brim every time I went shopping, and there is still no real signs of wear on them (I should also mention that I’m one of THOSE PEOPLE who try to carry all of my groceries inside at the same time, and this made that a lot easier!!!). The design of the bags is pretty cool, but even better is the fact that these bags are actually made of recycled yogurt containers… So they’re green all the way around!

Something else that I liked, even though it’s not available in my area yet, is the fact that Get My Eco partners with schools and nonprofits to help them raise money, so they are truly giving back to the communities that use their product. I am currently researching how to get my kids’ schools to use these fundraisers, and hoping to get my community more involved… I hope that some of you might do that too!

shopping_bag zip up reusable shopping bagsBecause I partnered with My Eco on this blog, they have generously offered a chance for you to win a set of their reusable shopping bags! Of course, if you don’t want to wait to win the contest they are also offering 20% off to my readers until February 15 by visiting www.myecobuy.com and using this coupon code: aga02.

To enter the contest, I need you to “Like” and “Share” (make sure to share as Public so that I can count it!) the photo of the bags posted on my Facebook page, and then go “Like” GetMyEco’s page. After you have done this, make sure to leave a comment on this blog so that you are entered to win! Good luck everybody, we will announce the winner on Monday, February 10th at 1:00 EST!

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