Reasons I Swapped To Contacts That Have NOTHING To Do With Vanity

Hey there everybody! So, if you’ve seen any of my selfies onĀ instagram lately, you may have noticed something missing… My glasses! That’s right, I’ve swapped to contacts. After listening to people talk about how stupid they think it is for me to swap to contacts at nearly 30 years old, I’d like to take an opportunity to fire back the reasons why I swapped to contacts that have NOTHING to do with vanity.

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So, here we go, my reasons…

Why I swapped to contacts

  1. Running… Have you ever gone running and sweated so bad that you can’t keep your glasses on your face? I have, and it’s not cool. And, when your eyesight is bad enough that you don’t trust whether it’s a snake or a branch in the road ahead, it’s not safe to just go without.
  2. Acne. That’s right, I am almost 30 and am currently dealing with the worst acne I have had in my entire life. And where do I get it the most? On my nose, where my glasses sit. That is PAINFUL.
  3. My job. Yes, while lots of teachers and paraprofessionals have glasses, not all of them work with severely developmentally delayed children. I do. And do you know the first thing they grab for? My glasses. Imagine that happening during a diaper change and they have somehow managed to get their little hands covered in poop. Now tell me that you’d just wipe your glasses off and keep going. I don’t think so.
  4. SUNGLASSES! Yes, you can get prescription sunglasses, but it’s a pain to swap them out. You can get transition lenses, but they give me headaches. I recently found that the best thing to help prevent my migraines (Hello, I’m Alicia and I’m a migraine sufferer.) is to wear sunglasses nearly all the time… I much prefer that to taking the insane medications that I have been prescribed to treat them.
  5. Less migraines. Even without the sunglasses, I have found that as long as I keep eyedrops handy (and I don’t even need them that often anymore) I am having fewer and fewer migraines.

P.S. Who doesn’t love cute cases like this?

Owl Contacts Lens Case

P.P.S. If you knew me, you’d know how much I loved my red glasses. And the teal ones. And the blue ones. Oh, and let’s not forget the black ones with the rhinestones on the side. So I can assure you that my swapping to contacts had NOTHING to do with vanity…

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