Oops I Did It Again…

I guess that’s me paying homage to Britney Spears, especially considering everything going on with her right now. But, I did it again. Thought I was going to start posting again, and fell right back off the face of the planet.

The truth of the matter is, my anxiety and depression keep my mind so busy that by the time I get through the basic things that I HAVE to do, writing is something I don’t have the energy for. Don’t get me wrong, I want to, and I have all these ideas, but I just don’t seem to find the time for it.

I decided to try to help my anxiety and depression, I would start making daily, weekly, and monthly to-do lists, because each time I get to check something off or cross something out, it gives me a little buzz that I can’t explain, and momentarily makes me feel better than imaginable.

I also made a goal list for myself for each month. These lists have financial goals, things I want to do around the house, and just some really basic things. The main thing that I have learned (thanks to endless IEP meetings for my kiddos over the years) is to make sure that these goals are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound).

So here we have July’s goals…

  1. Re-do bathroom
  2. Put $1,000 in savings by July 31
  3. Clean boys rooms
  4. Shop for back to school
  5. Mulch around the entire house
  6. Paint at least one canvas per week
  7. Meal plan for each week
  8. Start working out 5 out of every 7 days
  9. Blog at least 2 times per week
  10. Buy blinds for living room
  11. Get nice porch furniture
  12. Draw on iPad daily
  13. Post a new shirt design daily
  14. Pay Shopify for a full year upfront
  15. Order inventory for August show
  16. Fully stock booths in Dawson and Cuthbert
  17. Create a realistic cleaning schedule to follow
  18. Create a realistic daily routine

Say a prayer for me. I would love to go into August having reached all 18 of these goals! I know it’s possible, I just have to put my heart into it.

Until next time!

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