Oh Yay… The First Trimester.

So, yes, the shock of this pregnancy has finally passed and now I’ve gone full into the crappy feelings of the first trimester. Let’s see, how wonderful has it been? I’ve had the awful headaches, the all day nausea (it was a MAN that named it morning sickness, because that shit lasts ALL. DAY. LONG!), the puking, all of it. Yep, it’s like a hangover that won’t go away…


And on top of feeling crappy, I keep being told that I can’t eat anything that I want to eat. No sushi, no deli meats, nothing worth having… And the coffee that I can still have the cups of? I can only drink half a cup before I start puking. 🙁


When I do find something that I can eat, I can’t eat it because I am too nauseated. And I get nauseated because I can’t eat. Viscous damn circle.


Is the first trimester over yet? I am soooooo ready to get to the second one. I want the honeymoon phase!


The one good thing… All of my friends are busy dieting and getting ready for bikini season. Me, IDGAF. I’m getting fat and I don’t care.


Yep. This is a wonderful first trimester. Can anybody out there sympathize?

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