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In today’s technology driven world, it shouldn’t be a surprise that some of us (definitely myself) have apps that we feel as though we cannot live without. In today’s post, I will be discussing which apps I love the most and use daily (and WHY).

Navy Federal (Banking)

I obsessively check my accounts. Not only do I get notifications for literally every type of transaction that goes through any of my accounts, I also get on several times a day and look at all the activity to make sure there are no fraudulent charges and that I haven’t forgotten anything or overspent. I am not great with money, so having this at my fingertips always helps with my anxiety.

Google Keep

Google Keep has been such an absolute lifesaver for me. I have Keep lists for work, family, school, and just for me.

For our family, I use Google Keep for our shopping list and weekly menu. I have it set up to share with my husband and the boys, this way no one has to ask “What’s for dinner?” and we always know what we need to get from the store if one of us is close by. That is a huge time saver AND makes life a little less stressful. As a bonus, I set up reminders for myself to create a new menu each week and to re-do the shopping list during times that I know I will be at home. I also set up reminders for the shopping list that coincide for when my husband gets off work on Fridays so that he can run by the store and grab groceries.

At work, we have set up Keep lists to help with progress monitoring of some of our students, which has been a huge help for us as a team.

I also have a Keep checklist for each semester at school with all of the classes that I want to take. This is making life easy when it comes time to schedule classes. My plan is to go back in and add assignments from each classes syllabus as well, to help keep me organized.

Google Tasks

I keep all of my to-do lists in Google Tasks. I have one for work, one for home, one for orders, one for money owed to me, and one for home improvements.

The great thing about Google Tasks is that I am able to set up recurring tasks without having to constantly go back in and re-add them. It is a lifesaver!!! It also has the added benefit of feeling like you have checked something off, which is almost as satisfying as a paper checklist. My favorite part of my work day task list is watching it get smaller and smaller as my day goes on, which helps me know that my work day is getting shorter and shorter.

Google Calendar

Google Notes and Tasks integrate so easily into Google Calendar and helps to give me an accurate look at my day. The calendar feature also allows for an email reminder to be sent to you at a certain time each day with all of the items on your calendar.


I don’t like social media. As a matter of fact, I have it in a folder on my phone labeled “Waste of Time” because it truly is. My one exception is Pinterest… Not that it isn’t a waste of time, but it’s a waste of time that I enjoy.

I use Pinterest to look for ideas around the house, organization, and inspiration of all sorts. Probably my favorite thing is all the recipes that I find to try. I don’t like eating the same thing all the time, and there is always something new on there.


Jetpack is how I check up on my blog. I’m able to edit posts and approve comments from my phone. I can also see how many views I’m getting in real time through the app.


I’m sure most of you know about my website for my shirts. If not, go check out now please! I have the Shopify app on my phone so that I can add listings and keep an eye on traffic and sales. I also get notified in real time when I have made a sale, which is an amazing feeling!


Shopify has a great invoicing and POS system, but I don’t use it. For one, I don’t put all my eggs in one basket, something that was recommended to me when I first started my business. This way, in case you somehow lose access to one, you haven’t lost access to all of your income streams.

I use Square at craft shows to ring customers up and I send invoices with it. I love that I can easily schedule invoice reminders and that I can see every time a customer views an invoice as well. That is probably my favorite feature with Square. I never was a fan of Square websites though, which is why I chose Shopify for that.

If you’re looking for a great payment processor, please check out Square and use my link here!


I love reading, but hate bringing tons of stuff around with me. With the Kindle app, I am able to keep up with my reading and go between my phone and iPad seamlessly. Because of the app, I have already read approximately 40 books this year. It helps to have the Kindle Unlimited subscription, where for less than $10 each month, I have access to so many books! I won’t lie, I love the reading insights as well. I get to compete with myself each and every day, which is the only competition I’m interested in.


My kids have informed me that NO ONE uses Pandora anymore, but that’s a lie because I do. I have playlists set up according to what kind of mood I’m in. I like to have music and no commercials while driving, so that is my favorite feature. It is totally worth every penny I pay each month. I also listen to music while designing, writing, and working on shirts, so it’s used several times a day.

Samsung Health

I am in a constant struggle to be my healthiest self, which is where Samsung Health comes in. I have a Galaxy watch to monitor my steps, heart rate, and more. It keeps up with how much sleep I get each night, and who knows what else. This app is honestly one of my favorite things because it helps me see what gets me results with weight loss and what isn’t working. I have tried actual weight loss apps in the past, but I don’t really see any added benefit to them.

That’s it…

For now, that’s my favorite apps. It could change in the future, but these are the ones that keep me “sane” for now. I hope that this has been helpful to at least some of you. Thank you for reading, and please let me know what apps you can’t live without!

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