My Dog Hates Me

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love animals. Nearly any furry creature. This obviously carries over to the furry creatures that are inside my home. At this moment, we have four fuzzy cats and one crazy dog that I love with all my heart… It may come as a shock to you to know this: My dog hates me. Yes, she absolutely hates me.

izzy my dog hates me
Sweet, adorable Izzy… Yes, she hates me.

My dog hates me…

Izzy is a sweet and adorable Boykin Spaniel and Schnauzer mix that everybody loves… Izzy is my dog, and my dog hates me.

I don’t know why my dog hates me, it’s just obvious that she does. I buy her toys. I play with her. I try to take her walking and running. She wants nothing to do with me though, and is forever loving on my hubby. What she does do though, is test every bit of patience that I have.

How do I know that my dog hates me? Let me give you a list:

  • She chews all of my favorite shoes (that pair of high heels that made my ass look “just right”)
  • She chews up my running shorts
  • She hides my keys (I can’t prove it, I just KNOW it was her)
  • She jumps on my in the middle of the night, full force, and wakes me up so that I’ll move over
  • She gets my panties out of the dirty clothes and eats them (I have read different opinions on what this mean, but I am CONVINCED that it’s because my dog┬áhates me)
  • She knocked the modem off my desk and peed on it

So, as you can see, I’m not joking… My dog hates me. And I don’t know why. She is spoiled. She gets everything she could possibly want and then some, but she hates me.

Have you ever gone through anything like this? What did you do? Just wait until the phase passes? What else can you do? Other than attempt to put everything up that she could possibly chew, and scream when she finds something new to chew on…

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