My Cleaning Schedule

Yesterday I posted about my goals and to-do lists to help me keep functional (and fight off anxiety and depression) as well as attempt to keep my life running a little smoother.

I’m not going to lie, I have looked at HUNDREDS of other people’s daily/weekly/monthly chores to try to come up with one that works for MY house and MY life. And as I look at it, it feels super ambitious, and downright daunting. But, here it is…

Now, I LOVE pen and paper. I write a daily to-do list EVERY DAY and very much enjoy crossing items off of it (and hate moving things from it to the next day), however this is a bit excessive to rewrite every day, and I don’t really want to print this sheet 365 times so that I have it every single day, so I made a repetitive task list in my phone where I can check them off as I go along. I made one that sends a reminder at 7:00 every morning for daily tasks, one with a reminder at 8:00 every Sunday for weekly tasks, and one with a reminder at 9:00 on the 3rd (yesterday was the 3rd, so I just rolled with it) of each month for monthly tasks.

I am currently very much enjoying going in and checking off tasks as I accomplish them, and hopefully it stays that way.

Here’s a copy of my cleaning schedule, just in case you’d like to download it. I know it won’t suit everyone’s needs, but it is PERFECT for mine.

Until next time!

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