Marriage Is Hard

Yes people, marriage is hard. Really hard. Even when you are 100% completely in love with your husband, marriage is hard.

Marriage is hard…

i-cant-keep-calm-because-you-make-me-crazy marriage is hard

I love my husband so much, but there are things he does that drive me CRAZY. And it’s never anything big… In fact, it generally starts off with me asking him to do something.

Example 1: “Baby, you look like you’re really busy, and you should be in bed. Is there anything I can do for you?” I ask him to do the laundry, and tell him I really need a pair of jeans for work in the morning… ┬áThe next morning, I wake up late, and by the time I get around to checking on the status of my blue jeans the surprise I got made me ready to blow… My jeans were never washed, laundry was never done. What did happen was that my darling husband put everything in the washer, put the laundry detergent in there, and then walked away. It was everything I could do not to scream. Instead, I muttered “I asked for one mother f***ing thing” and stomped around the house finding some other pants.

Example 2: Last night when I got home from grocery shopping, I asked the hubs to refill the sugar dish so that I wouldn’t have to when I woke up at whatever awful time. Fast forward to when I woke up this morning, sugar is in the grocery bag, on the floor… Frustration set in, and all I could think is “Are you f***ing kidding me?”

It’s not always bad…

i know we drive each other crazy marriage is hardNow, I’ve picked two things that he did that really irked me. Two small things…. I can tell you that although he’s not perfect, I do my fair share of driving him crazy too.

That morning that I found my blue jeans sitting in the washer, we just so happened to run out of toilet paper on the roll in the bathroom. Instead of being nice and putting out another roll of toilet paper, I let the empty one sit there, and then I proceeded to move the other rolls of toilet paper to a new location.

Mean? Yes. But in my mind, it was well deserved. And I have to admit that I laughed like crazy when he called me later freaking out.

Plus, the advantage to getting up a LOT earlier than the hubs, is that this morning, I can almost guarantee that unless I stop now, I will drink all of the coffee, and conveniently go for a run right as the hubs is getting ready to wake up. The hubs has a complete inability to make coffee on his own…

Mean? Again, yes. But also deserved in my mind…

We all have little things that we do that get on each other’s nerves. And while I sometimes don’t take the most mature approach to dealing with it, I also know that if I went off yelling every time he drove me nuts, he’d go running home to his mom’s within a week.

Yes, marriage is hard, but it can also be really great…

Yes, the hubs drives me nuts, he makes me crazy, and sometimes I may want to strangle him, but for every single thing he does that frustrates me, there are a million other things that he does that make me smile, that make me laugh, and that make me cry happy tears.

  1. He does the dishes, because he knows that I despise doing dishes.
  2. He brings home puppies from the dumpster, because he knows I couldn’t bear to see them on the side of the road.
  3. He helps the eldest with his homework every night.
  4. He taught the youngest how to build fires and shoot a gun.
  5. He loves my kids like they’re his own.
  6. He records movies on the DVR that he thinks I’ll want to watch.
  7. He cooks for me.
  8. He holds me when I feel like dog crap.
  9. He supports my dreams.
  10. He finds ways to make me laugh, when all I want to do is cry.
  11. He doesn’t run away when I start to cry.
  12. He watches the kids so I can grocery shop alone (and yes, that is sooooo important to me and my sanity!).
  13. Even though we never go to bed at the same time, he always kisses me good night when he comes to bed (I know, because even though he doesn’t think he does, he wakes me up every single time).
  14. He calls me from work to see how my day of working with tiny human went.
  15. He tells me I’m beautiful, even when I look like this.

if I had a flower

I guess what I really need to say is that even though marriage is hard, if you really love the person that you’re with, it is easy to make it work. And, I guess I need to make some more coffee before I head out for my morning run.

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