Make Your Own Finger Paint!

I found this and thought it was pretty cool! My boys LOVE painting, but I worry about toxic paint, especially with finger paint, so  being able to make your own finger paint is a pretty big thing to me!

make your own fingerpaintThis is something that I would definitely recommend to moms of young children who are always sticking their fingers in their mouths. Completely non-toxic finger paints that are safe if eaten, what more could you ask for?

Make these up and store them in a mason jar, you never know when you’ll be stuck at home with nothing to do… Especially if you live in South Georgia, where Mother Nature can’t decide if it’s Winter or Summer!!! This will be our Saturday morning entertainment at my house, and I hope you decide to make your own finger paint too!!!

Please comment below and send me pictures of your creations with finger paint! And if you have any other projects for you and your kiddos, email them to me at if you would like for me to share them on the blog, I’m always looking for new ideas to try out and to share with other moms!


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