Let’s Take A Hike…

Since it is FINALLY getting warmer outside, the oldest and myself are taking this opportunity to get outside and really get moving and having some fun… We go to the park or bike almost daily, but this past Saturday, the child said my favorite words “Let’s take a hike!” And so we got the dog in the car and went to Providence Canyon in Lumpkin, GA to take a hike!

 Let's take a hike!

I feel blessed, I really do… I have had this beautiful thinking spot (the Canyon) around me for pretty much my entire life, and it seems as though I have really passed the love for it on to my oldest. The youngest, not so much.




As you may can tell from the pictures of my super sweet kiddo, he is quite taken with the place, and takes every opportunity to learn something new while we are there!

20140216_123812 20140216_113428

P.S. If you’re hiking with a dog like Diamond who gets a little out of control with pulling (especially when she sees other dogs!) then the Cujo leash from EzyDog is for you! It has a bit of elasticity to it that will allow for some pull, but it seems to get her right back in place afterwards. Next time we bring her though, I think we’ll be using a harness instead of her collar.


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