Let’s get to cleaning… An honest review on Vabroom

I truly do not believe that ANYONE loves cleaning. If you do, I honestly believe that you’re more than a little weird. BUT, this post is NOT to make fun of you, I promise. I am one of these people who believes that you take a task that you hate, like cleaning, and make it more enjoyable. That’s where my newest gadget, Vabroom, comes in.

Why I decided to give Vabroom a try

Honestly, the absolutely worst part of sweeping to me is trying to figure out what the last person who did the job did with the damn dust pan. For some reason, the males in my house seem to be completely incapable of putting the broom and the dust pan in the same place. I’ve tried dust pans that attach to the broom, and I’ve tried dust pans with a handle, IT DOESN’T MATTER, they still get misplaces.

Let’s not even talk about the little line of dirt that gets left behind because it just WILL NOT go in the dust pan. I hate it. It really, really irks me. I can’t explain why it does, but it really makes me feel like I did not do my job correctly. So yay for that.

Anywho… I rarely get a full night of sleep. This means that I wake up at odd hours and scroll social media quietly, praying that I don’t wake anyone else up. You know what happens? Typically I see an ad for a gadget and I laugh my ass off and think “Who the hell would need that?”

That’s exactly how I found Vabroom. I was scrolling at 2:00 one morning, saw it, and thought “GENIUS!!!” And then I ordered it, and promptly went back to sleep.

Vabroom in use

A few days later, Vabroom arrived. It came in a itty bitty box. Great. Pieces to put together. It’s actually not as bad as it sound though. The handle just screws together, and then you plug it up to charge.

It doesn’t take very long to get a full charge, so after that, take it for a whirl. I have a house full of animals and kids, so sweeping daily, and sometimes multiple times a day is a must. This means that I used Vabroom almost immediately.

Pros and Cons

So here’s what I don’t like- The suction cannot get up dog hair. I have an Aussie and a German Shepherd and they SHED nonstop. I’m honestly not surprised about the dog hair issue, but it would have been awesome had it gotten it up. I also think it’s a little pricey… If I hadn’t bought it in the middle of the night, I probably would not have ever pulled the trigger on the purchase.

What I love about it- No more hunting down a dust pan. Seriously… I hate hunting it down. I hate touching it. AND I hate bending down to use the dust pan when I’m sweeping up a mess. This checks all those boxes on things I no longer have to do. I also LOVE the feeling of completion when I no longer have the little line of dirt when I’m done sweeping. Don’t make fun of me, I know I’m not the only one. I hope I’m not at least.


So here’s the deal… I will continue to use Vabroom. And if you can afford it, I highly recommend getting one. It’s a cool gadget, and yes, you can live without it, but do you want to?

Until next time,

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