Lego DIY Roundup

With Kyle’s birthday today, and his favorite thing on earth still being Legos, I figured that it would be fun to replace our DIY Saturday with a Lego DIY Roundup. Below you will find a few of our FAVORITE Lego DIY tutorials, all Kyle-approved!

Lego DIY Roundup

Lego DIY Roundup

So let’s get started!

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DIY Lego Desk Happy Birthday KyleNumber one on our list is the DIY Lego Desk that my mom and I built last Saturday as Kyle’s main birthday present (along with about 10 Lego kits that I luckily found on clearance!). This way, he now has PLENTY of storage for his birthday present, and a cool place to build too!

Lego Head StorageAnother favorite of ours has  to be this Lego DIY! It helps that this Lego head is made out of a cheesey puff container, and we LOVE cheesey puffs!

Of course, after today, we won’t need it for Lego storage, but I am sure that we will find other uses for this giant Lego head. He is just way too cool to throw out… If nothing else, we may use his as a planter and grow some pretty flowers or herbs out of our DIY Lego head!

DIY Lego Head Mason JarsSpeaking of Lego heads!!!!!!!! We are absolutely in LOVE with these Lego Head Mason Jars! Aren’t they just adorable!

I have found a few different tutorials, but this one is my favorite so far. We haven’t made these yet, because I’m not 100% sure what we’ll use them for (since Kyle loves plants as much as I do, we may make him a small windowsill garden using these), but they are definitely on our Lego DIY list of have to dos!

Lego DIY candy dispenserThis Lego DIY was a must do from the time we saw it! It included two of our favorite things, Legos and CANDY!!! Who in their right mind could pass that up? Not us!

It took some searching, but we found the awesome tutorial right here.

balloon-powered-lego-carFor when your crafty kids want to get a little science-y, this balloon powered Lego car is the PERFECT Lego DIY! We’ve built this guy a few times, a few different ways, and it’s always LOADS of fun!

What’s your favorite Lego DIY?

That’s all we have for now folks, Kyle and I are off to start the birthday festivities! I hope you enjoyed our Lego DIY Roundup, and I hope you will share your favorite Lego DIY with us!

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