July In Review

I think it’s a good time to start doing some income reports. July is always a rough month for businesses like mine, and honestly several other business owners I know, so this is definitely going to look AWFUL.

My income comes from different sources- My booths at The Warehouse in Cuthbert and Dawson, my website, and local sales… And I guess the blog.

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The Warehouse

This month my sales at The Warehouse amounted to about $325. For July, that is actually a great amount of sales. However, my booth rent and items that I bought on credit took most of that money. It reminded me that I need to keep an eye on my spending though!

My Website

Website sales this month were only $365. I probably could have advertised a lot more and put more products on social media. I definitely intend to do better in August about this!

Local Sales

$2596. Although this may seem like a large amount, about 75% of it is a really large bulk order for Richland Rum.


A whopping $0.58. All I have on here for now is affiliate links, so I made this off of one Amazon sale. I really expect this to be better in the month of August.

The Grand Total

For the month of July, my income is a grand total of $3286.58

While this may seem like a lot, this does not account for the products that I had to purchase. However, for July, it makes me feel pretty dang good!

Until next time,

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