I’m Sorry, But I’m a Mom

sorry but i'm a mom bearIt’s funny how you get to see things in a new light once you become a mom. I used to be a perfectionist (deep down I still am) but I’ve had to let a lot of things slide in the last 8 or so years. After all, I have learned that nothing is going to meet everyone’s standards of perfect, but things can still be perfect for me. But still, sometimes I let things go so much that I really should apologize… Now, I won’t apologize for being a mom first, but I will apologize for letting the little things get in the way of the bigger picture.

To my loving boyfriend, I want to say I am deeply sorry. If we had started dating 10 years ago, I promise I would have been the perfect girlfriend. I would think of you, and do awesome things for you. Instead, I have to apologize because, well, sometimes I forget to shave my legs and I always want to talk to you about the kids, and I forget to ask how your day was. And let’s not forget when there is drama with the ex, you are always the person that I vent to about that. I am sorry that I am not the girlfriend that you deserve, but I will always try to be better than I am.

To my friends… I know I don’t make it to parties, but it’s hard finding a babysitter, and sometimes I would rather chill at the house with my kids. They’re pretty cool people too. And, you are more than welcome to come over to the house… Just be warned that there will likely be yelling and chaos, and you’ll be forced to watch cartoons. I’m sorry, but remember, I’m a mom.

To my neighbors… I know it has to get annoying to hear doors slamming. I try to keep the five and seven year old meltdowns to a minimum, but I’m a mom and I have to put my foot down… So remember, when you hear that door slam, it means that I am being one great mom (although sometimes I’m on the other side of it nearly in tears, because I hate being the bad guy all the time). Either way, I apologize for the noise, and because of this, I don’t complain about yours… Unless you wake up my kids at 2 a.m., and then it’s on!

To my readers, I apologize, because even though I hoped to get this blog post out on time, I am planning a birthday party for a soon to be six year old, and that little boy is my boss until Saturday… And his party had me detained today.

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