I Am “THAT” Parent…

Alicia- What kind of parent am I?So, working in a school, I get to see all kinds of parents… The parent that walks in every day and has a hard time letting go, the parent that can’t be reached for anything that goes wrong, the parent that thinks their child is ALWAYS in the right, and so many more. It wasn’t until working at the school that I began to really evaluate what kind of parent I am, and how my actions may possibly affect how my kids are treated.


What kind of parent am I?

I am the parent who used to have a hard time letting go. I finally stopped walking my kids to class every morning, and I even let them ride the bus to school this year (really hard for me!).

I am the parent who logs in and checks her child’s grades every single day without fail. I am the parent who questions the failing grades. I question everything about it… Was my son paying attention in class? Is he refusing to turn in work? What’s going on? And I expect any teacher worth having to be able to answer those questions… And to try to solve the problem, without me having go over the teacher’s head.

I am the parent who checks my kids homework every night, but I refuse to do it for them. I am the parent who lets them get it wrong, because I want them to know they aren’t perfect, and that’s okay.

I am the parent that calls my kids teacher in the mornings while we’re both on our way to work to let her know how my kid is doing, and to discuss strategies to help him succeed for the day, week, month, and year. I am also afraid at times that I may be irritating the mess out of her, and beg her to let me know if I ever am.

I am also the parent who is friends with her child’s teacher outside of school and is okay with knowing that at times, he might love her as much as he loves me. I often refer to her as my son’s other mother, and her other son.

What kind of parent are you?

What kind of parent are you? Whichever kind you are, I just beg of you to be involved in your child’s life. Too often, I see people who are shocked at what is going on in their son or daughter’s life, and it is simply because they are not involved enough. You don’t have to be as involved as I am (I sometimes feel like I may be a helicopter mom), just be involved… Talk to your child’s teacher, ask questions, and be in the know. Teachers and your kids will love you for it.

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