How Did You Find Me?

So, I’ve been looking to see how most of my readers find me… Which, if it isn’t through Facebook, my best guess is through a Google search. The really cool thing about Google analytics is that they allow me to see what search terms were used to find me, so I’m learning a lot this morning. Most of you have found me because it looks like you may be on a search of your own to get fit. Some of you are probably drunk and looking for a funny read… Either way, I have plenty of things to share with you on those notes.

how did you find me

I nearly spat out my coffee when reading the top 50 (plus two that I HAD to include!) searches that led you to Alicia In A Small Town, so I wanted to share the humor with you so you could get a good laugh this morning too!

How Did You Find Me?

  1. squat challenge
  2. umbrella tree
  3. little black dress
  4. 30 day squat challenge
  5. alicia in a small town
  6. 30 day little black dress challenge results
  7. 30 day lbd challenge review
  8. anyone lose weight with the 30 day little black dress challenge
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  10. 30 day lbd challenge reviews
  11. does the 30 day lbd challenge work
  12. girls night
  13. girls night in
  14. lil black dress
  15. little black dress challenge
  16. sorry bear
  17. 100 percent pure
  18. 100 percent pure nail polish in aberdeen
  19. 30 day little black dress challenge reviews
  20. 30 day little black dress reviews
  21. 30 day squat challenge print out
  22. 30 days squat challenge
  23. 30 little black dress challenge
  24. a bad looking penis
  25. a lil black dress
  26. alicia forte little black dress menu
  27. alicia little black dress challenge
  28. alicia well save you alot of money
  29. appreciate the little things in life
  30. best indoor plants
  31. best response to u know how stinkin excited i am that u have facebook
  32. bullying in small towns
  33. children day craft for kids
  34. children day craft of butterfly
  35. childrens day craft activities
  36. cleaning and organizing challenge for 2015
  37. common houseplants palms
  38. crafts idea for children’s day
  39. does the 30 day little black dress challenge work
  40. dreamed you again
  41. easy for welcome to my native town
  42. enjoy the little things
  43. girls night in pics
  44. tom’s of maine toothpaste
  45. how do phones bring us together
  46. how does technology bring us together
  47. my smartphone got me fired
  48. price tag gift etiquette
  49. town of alicia
  50. weekly organization challenge
  51. where can you meet a single guy in a small town
  52. where technology will bring us?

So how did you find me? From what I can tell, MOST of you are here because you are looking to get in better shape! You’re in luck! I’m planning some more 30 day challenges, and you can feel free to join me on each of them.

If you’re looking for a laugh, you’ll find that here as well… I post hilarious details from my life often, so keep checking back for a laugh, there’s guaranteed to be a weekly funny…

Let’s see, some of you are looking for product reviews… You get that here as well, although not very often. I try to only give you reviews for products that I KNOW you will love because I love them as well.

And… Girls nights and love advice. I kinda give that out here and there. I, unfortunately, haven’t had a girls night in quite a while, but I do talk about the hubby quite often and give you advice on how to have a weird, crazy, and awesome relationship like ours…

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