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So, as you all know I got fired last month… I’ve been on the job hunt since. And it sucks. If you are also out of work at the moment, I know that you know what I’m talking about. It is BRUTAL. I apply for at least 3 jobs a day, and as many as 10. And lately, I get about 3 rejection emails a day. The only job interviews I get are for jobs that I couldn’t begin to afford to take… Part time, minimum wage jobs. I can’t live on that. And that sucks, because I would have loved to have worked at some of those places.

Thank goodness that I had some money put back, and that I was able to get my tax return… Otherwise, I would be in a mess. I did decide to do something smart with my tax return though and make an investment. I won’t tell you what it is yet, you all know I LOVE surprises… I just want to say that I am completely excited about it, and that you will all get the details very soon.

If you’ve noticed, there are a few blank pages on the blog right now… There is Shop with Alicia, Cart, My Account, and a Checkout┬ápage. This is because my investment will allow me to open up an online store, that I hope to eventually turn into a full-fledged business. I will be playing with these pages over the next few days, and I will even be doing a giveaway to help get the business started when I am completely ready. For now, I just wanted to let you in on a personal decision and to let you know that there are some changes coming… Some really amazing changes!

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