A Healthy Way To Lose Weight

a healthy way to lose weight I get so mad when I see ads for shakes, pills, and all these gimmicks to lose weight. What none of them discuss is healthy ways to lose weight, and the fact that none of these solutions are actually healthy ways to lose weight. That’s what I want to discuss is a healthy way to lose weight.

All these people who say “I lose 10 pounds in a month drinking these shakes and I didn’t even change the way I ate.” really tick me off. If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you know that I recently lost 10 pounds in a month. BY GETTING OFF MY BEHIND AND EXERCISING! I haven’t worked my ass off to do it, but I make the decision every day to get moving and exercise. I didn’t buy any equipment, and I sure didn’t buy any shakes or pills. I exercised in the comfort of my bedroom.

Something else that is a healthy way to lose weight is to actually drink 64 ounces of water every day. I start drinking water first thing every morning (before I drink my coffee), and I carry a 64 ounce jug of water around with me to help me realize how much more I NEED to drink. This doesn’t mean that I only drink the 64 ounces, I usually drink more than that, but I promised myself that I would start doing at least that every day.

On top of drinking water, yet another healthy way to lose weight is to actually eat right. Cut out the fast food, a lot of the sugars, and swap to whole grain pasta and bread. Cutting the amount of meat you eat is also a good way to lose weight, cut costs in your grocery bill, and to do something good for the environment.

My main point in writing this today is just to say be careful of all the things out there guaranteeing results… I have been guilty of trying some of them, and I have been guilty of starving myself to try to get to this idea of who I should be, but I have learned to opt for a healthy way to lose weight instead, and I feel so much better!

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