Happy New Year!

Happy new year everybody! I hope you all are getting their new year off to a wonderful start! I know it is customary to start the year with a bunch of resolutions that will be completely forgotten about in a few weeks, but I am going to start my year with goals instead.

happy new year 2016 alicia in a small town

Goals For My Happy New Year:

This new year I want–

  1. To post at least 4-5 blogs per week.
  2. To finally start making some money on the blog.
  3. To lose 20 pounds.
  4. To buy a home.
  5. To buy a new car.
  6. To start crafting more, and make handmade Christmas gifts throughout the year for my family and friends.
  7. To start living a greener, more eco-friendly life.
  8. To start eating healthier.
  9. To get my family healthier, through exercise and better choices.
  10. To get my house (and life) more organized.

All of my goals for the new year are something that can be measured and that I can hold myself accountable for! I really hope that by not only putting them in writing, but also posting them online, I have given myself the push to truly get them accomplished.

We will have a new blog schedule this year, and I will explain it to you now.

New Blog Schedule

Sundays are my personal post days… This is where I will talk about fitness and family related goals.

Mondays are still for our 52 Week Home Organization Challenge, which will be starting on January 4th of this year, but of course you can start it whenever you’d like!

Tuesdays are for Going Green, or learning to live more environmentally friendly. We’ll be focusing on how to do this while also keeping some of your green in your pocket or checking account.

Wednesdays will be for Crockpot recipes.

Thursdays are Dog Days… This will be all about what you need for bringing your new puppy home, and how to train him or her. We will also start making our own dog food and treats!

Fridays are for Dessert Recipes! This way you can get your weekend started off right!

And last but not least, Saturdays are for DIY Tutorials!

I hope that you are just as excited for this new year as I am! If you haven’t done so already, like my Facebook page¬†so you can stay updated on everything I’m up to!

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