Halfway Through…

So, I never posted when I made it to the second trimester, but thankfully I did. I am now halfway through this pregnancy and know that I am having my third little boy.


Halfway through pregnancy…

Now that I am halfway through my pregnancy, I have started making all of my checklists for everything that we need… Everyone assumes that we will have a baby shower, but since it is my third boy (even though his brothers will be nearly 9 and 11 years older than him), no one actually wants to throw a shower for me. I did make baby registries with Target¬†and Amazon¬†though, just in case.

On top of my baby checklist, we are also preparing to move in a few very short weeks, and I am learning all about what it’s like to pack a house up whilst being 5 months pregnant. The only request that I had made was to not move while I was 6 months pregnant… Boy did we cut that one short!

Halfway through pregnancy

We’re almost ready for back to school over here, and I am anxiously awaiting that, although I’m terrified of what I will do with my time once the boys are back in school and I am staying at home. Oh yeah, that’s right… I’m at home because it is nearly impossible to find a job while pregnant. Expect more blog updates after September 6th, as I will surely be going out of my mind!

I do have plans to really get to work on the online store soon. By soon, I mean to slowly start building stock in the next few days. I will be adding more baby clothes (starting with ones that I think are really cute that I want to make for Baby Babb) and I will also be adding more etched glass as well.

Well, I’ve got to get running… These kiddos are keeping me busy, and I haven’t packed anything today (Shhhhh… Don’t tell my husband!). I’ll be back to update one day soon!

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