Gift Giving Etiquette

With Christmas only days away, I feel that it’s important to discuss gift giving etiquette. What is gift giving etiquette? Well, it’s simple… You know how they always say “it’s the thought that counts”? Don’t make the person you’re giving the gift to wonder exactly what in the hell that thought was.

There are some simple do’s and don’ts that I always try to follow when buying gifts, and I suggest you do the same…

Ask a person’s size when buying them clothing (Never assume. Remember: when you assume you make and ass out of u and me.)
Ask for favorite colors (never assume that a person will love that hideous shade of green)
Ask if they have anything in particular that they would actually want or need
Ask what stores they shop at often
When all else fails, get them an Amazon gift card!

Buy shower gel (unless you’re trying to tell them to take a shower
Buy intimate items (there’s nothing more embarrassing than getting bras and panties in front of EVERYONE on Christmas morning, worse so if they don’t fit)
Leave the price tag on items you bought on clearance.
Leave the price tag on. Period. (I know you want them to think you spent ungodly amounts of money on them, but don’t make them feel like crap, it’s Christmas after all.)
Buy them stuff you know they won’t use

With these tips in gift giving etiquette, I hope to make your holidays a little less stressful, and I hope I save someone from getting bras and panties in front of Grandma on Christmas morning! Please leave a comment below with your own words of advice… And any tips on gift giving etiquette that I may have left out! 🙂Alicia give gift giving etiquette advice

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