Funny Valentine’s Cards

With Valentine’s day only two weeks away, I’ve gotten very excited about getting all of my gifts and cards made. With the hubs and myself though, it’s all about finding the funny valentine’s cards, and when I look at the store, I feel like they’re all so generic, so I’ve decided this year that I will create my own, and that I would share them with you!

To download any of the funny Valentine’s cards that I’ve created, just click the photos below and they will carry you to the PDF file! 🙂

My Funny Valentine’s Cards

Dear Valentine copy Dear Valentine2 copy

Dear Valentine Funny Valentine's Cards Dear Valentine4 copy

Dear Valentine Funny Valentine's Cards Dear Valentine6 copy

For more funny Valentine’s cards, go take a look at these on Amazon!

This is seriously one of my FAVORITE holidays! I am all about being able to show the hubs just how much I love and appreciate him, but we both have a pretty great sense of humor (if I do say so myself) so I try to keep it pretty lighthearted as well.

Did you download a funny Valentine’s card?

I hope you love these cards… I am going to print them on cardstock and hang them on a line with clothespins in our room. Make sure to comment below, letting me know which one you’re using, and how you’re going to use it! 🙂

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