Earning Extra Money For A New House

So, if you’ve kept up with the Facebook page lately, you know that we are in the process of buying a house. In anticipation of the down payment, moving expenses, and things that we will need for the new house (it doesn’t have a fenced in yard), I am in the process of earning extra money. Now, it might seem crazy, but I have set a goal for myself. I am hoping to earn $3,000 (this is in addition to what we have in our savings for a down payment) in the next 60 days or less. I’ve set up various avenues to be able to do so, and I am busting my behind in order to do so.

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In addition to earning extra money, I have also put my husband and myself on a spending freeze. We are not making ANY unnecessary purchases at this time, and are even doing what we can to lower our bills to save extra money.

How to find extra money?

Earning Extra Money for the new house fund

How I am saving money

  • Called Verizon and changed my billing cycle (it was currently on one that was set just two days before my pay day, thus giving me a late fee each month) as well as lowering my data plan, and asking about any promotional offers for free data. I literally had to download a FREE app from the app store, and now I get 2 GB of free data each month for three months. And, since I routinely only use 3 GB of data anyhow, I went down to a 1 GB plan from a 6 GB plan, saving myself $30.00 per month in addition to any late fees I have been paying in the past.
  • There’s no telling how much money I am saving by using willpower to not stop at the store and get a snack, or go through a fast food drive thru. I have been DYING for a Dairy Queen Reeses Cup Blizzard for weeks now, but yesterday I refused to stop to get one even though I was right next door to it.
  • Remembering my water bottle at work.
  • I am trying to convince the hubs to cut off our satellite  for the next few months and go “cable free”. If you would like to consider this, do some reading here.

How I plan to earn money

  • One word: Fiverr. I already have multiple gigs set up on there (including posting your link on my blog, allowing guest posts, and reviewing products). This being said, I am still keeping with my blogs values, and you will NOT be seeing a lot of stuff that you wouldn’t normally see.
  • My store here on the blog. That’s right, those paintings on there are for sale. I will be sharing those each day until they are sold, and then I will post more. 🙂
  • My Cafepress store. Cafepress is not fast money by any means, but I have been making designs for them for YEARS. I just don’t promote them very much.
  • Taking extra jobs for signs. I had a sign shop. It wasn’t every successful, but I still have people wanting to place orders every now and then, so I am going to start back up. I’ll do anything from a vinyl monogram to a storefront window if it means getting me into my new house.

Those are all my ways of saving and earning for now… If you would like to help, please do so by purchasing something from any of the links above. I would really appreciate it. If you would rather make a donation instead of a purchase, you can do so here.

Thank you to all of my readers who come to the blog daily and share all of my posts! I really, truly appreciate every single one of you!

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