Does Technology Bring Us Together?

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does technology bring us together

Does technology bring us together? In the days of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and all of the technology that we have to bring us together even when we’re thousands of miles apart, it’s crazy how little we actually communicate with one another. I will say that in the last year, I have been blessed with the opportunity to stay somewhere with no internet, no cell service, and pretty much no communication with the outside world, and to be able to truly focus on the people that matter; the people who are right there beside me. As of now, I go there every chance that I get. It may seem crazy to some, but I have noticed a calmness in my boys, and a growth in the relationships between myself and my children, as well as between my boyfriend and myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE technology. I am the girl with her phone forever glued to her side, laptop constantly going, and with a million and one things going on both at the same time. The boyfriend and I email each other daily from work to check in and just to say “I love you”. Skype is so great for my kiddos to be able to see their daddy when they haven’t been able to visit in a while. And, of course, who wouldn’t be in a mess without their cell phone when the worst happens and you’re stranded on the side of the road?

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My problem is more along the lines of how we all seem to be addicted to technology… How many times have we all seen it (or been guilty of it!)? You go out, and there’s this really cute couple sitting in the booth, completely ignoring each other while one or both of them is playing on their cell phones? You go to the movies, and you see someone’s face lit up where they’re buried into their phone on Facebook or doing whatever. I’m guilty of some of this. Most of it, actually. I have, at times, ignored my family, my friends, and my wonderful boyfriend because I was too busy doing something on my phone. Something that could have waited. It’s shameful really…

I made the decision to not do this anymore. When I go out with my boyfriend, my phone never leaves my purse, if it is with me at all. When my kids get home from school, my phone goes on silent and stays in my room until they go to bed. When I’m supposed to be with my family and friends, I want to be truly with them. I’m tired of living a life distracted. Honestly, with my phone in my hand, I missed out on so many of the little things, and it’s not right, it’s not fair, and I don’t want to do it anymore. So, yes, technology may bring us together, but it seems to me that it also is tearing us apart.

I hope that you all will join me in showing your friends, families, and significant others that they mean more to you than your phones and the ding of a text message or Facebook notification. I hope that you all join me in taking back your life. I hope that you don’t miss out on any more of the little things, because after all, in the end it’s the little things that matter the most!enjoy the little things in life

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