DIY Saturday Button Thumbtacks

This week’s DIY Saturday is super easy, but super cute, and will be part of my Christmas gifts this year. This week, we are making button thumbtacks.

What exactly is a button thumbtack? Well, it’s something incredibly cute that you (or the person that you are giving them to) are going to love!

button thumbtacks DIY

Without further ado, DIY Button Thumbtacks!

For the Button Thumbtacks DIY you will need:

Now, to make a button thumbtack is sooooo easy! The most time-consuming part of this DIY project is waiting for your hot glue gun to heat up. After it has heated up, you’ll want to put just a dot of glue on your button (if there is a back, you will want to make sure to put it on the back) and then attach the thumbtack to it.

button thumbtacks3

After you have attached your thumbtack, you’ll want to allow the glue to cool and set. For good measure, I left mine overnight, but they probably only need about 30 minutes or so.

After the glue has set, your button thumbtacks are ready to put in your corkboard and to make your home office just that much cuter!

button thumbtacks4

Plain buttons are adorable, but if you want something super girly, check out how cute these pink flowers are! I think that my sister-in-law will LOVE this for her classroom, so this gift is getting put up for her. 🙂

button thumbtacks5

Did you do this week’s DIY?

If you participated in this week’s DIY Saturday, please comment below and tell me what you thought of it! Also, make sure to send me pictures!

I’ll see you soon with another awesome DIY!

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