DIY Pallet Coat and Shoe Rack

You can find useful stuff out of useless things like pallets to organize well your interior walls. This rustic DIY pallet coat and shoe rack is the best way to keep shoes and coats (and bags, clothes, whatever) from piling up at your entryway. It’s honestly one of my favorites that I’ve found so far.

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DIY Pallet Coat and Shoe Rack

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Are you ready for another great DIY Saturday?

This is a pretty simple and straightforward DIY Pallet project, but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer. I forgot to take pictures as we went along, so this, along with a little Q&A, will have to do for now.

DIY Pallet Coat and Shoe Rack

Tools needed:

  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Paint brush (if staining)

Supplies needed:

Metal double sided hangers have been used to support the coats, handbags and your items of jewelry. The shoes rack has been given a large shelving space inside to store different pairs of shoes with well and charming display. Both storage units have been hand stained to have a dark and sleek wooden appeal.

Where do you get your pallets?

I’m lucky and have a hardware store just minutes from me that gets several pallets a day, and will gladly give them to me whenever I ask. If you’re looking for pallets, I would suggest starting at your local hardware or grocery store.

Did you like this DIY Pallet project?

If you liked this DIY pallet project and want more like it, please leave a comment below. Also, make sure to let us know where you get your pallets, and what kind of pallet projects you like doing!

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