Living Green: Ditching Plastic Storage Containers For Glass

Most of us know by now that eating or drinking out of plastic containers isn’t the greatest idea either for your health or the environment. Or maybe you are you tired of cracked plastic containers, lids that don’t match, and dirty looking containers? It can be a convenient habit that’s hard to kick though, especially when they’re so easy to find… Read on for 7 reasons to ditch plastic storage containers for glass!

Ditching Plastic Storage Containers For Glass

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Ditching Plastic Storage Containers For Glass

My reasons for ditching plastic storage containers for glass:

  1. For my family’s health – With all the information available on the dangers of BPA {Bisphenol A} in plastics, I’m more than happy to avoid storing my food in plastic containers to avoid any hormone disruptors or any other such crazy stuff.
  2. They’re much easier to clean – Glass pieces come out of the dishwasher feeling clean, smelling clean and looking sparkling clean. Plastic doesn’t do good things when heated up and washing plastic by hand has never worked well for me. The plastic always felt like it had a residue on it.
  3. They’re more cost effective – While the initial investment of glass food storage is more than plastic, the longevity of glass exponentially pays for itself in the long haul.
  4. My cabinets are no longer cluttered, and I don’t have to worry about things “jumping out at me” – When we were using plastic, I would open the cabinet and containers and lids jumped out at me almost every time. I love using glass because they stack nicely, they are heavier and there is no explosion when I open the cabinet door.
  5. Multi-Purpose Containers – One of my favorite reasons to love glass so much is because I can bake, serve, store, re-heat and/or freeze all in the same container. Ah! Do you GET what I’m saying??? LESS dishes to wash!
  6. Safe to Re-Heat in the Oven or Microwave – When we used plastic containers, we had to transfer food to glass containers to re-heat in the oven and we should have always transferred food before  microwaving too, but that didn’t always happen. Glass is an excellent, safe option for re-heating food if you do choose to microwave.
  7. They’re prettier – If you haven’t checked out my online store lately, you should. You’ll see that I’ve been busy adding etched glass. And ALL of my pretty glass containers are slowly getting etched and personalized. 🙂

glass food containers

If you want your own personalized glass food containers, please check out my store, I’m adding more personalized glass containers almost daily. 🙂

Let me know if you are making the change to glass from plastic storage containers in the comments below!

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