A Day For ME? What Is That?

A Day For Me… What In The Hell Is That?

Soooo… For reasons that I would really not like to discuss (but will at least partially do so here) Tuesdays are a day that will be completely carved out of my schedule as a “me day”.

Why? Because I am going to therapy…

Why? Because I have a court order that tells me I must do so.

A day for me? What's that?My therapist recommends that I take Tuesdays to just do for me, to have a day for me… At first it was things that cost money… Go get a haircut (because I would seriously neglect this, which is not something you do when you keep your hair short). Get a pedicure (also something seriously neglected, which was obvious whenever I wore flip flops). Go see a movie (try doing this and making it home in time to get your kids off the bus, NOT EASY).

Finally I figured out that trying to relax and do things for myself did not mean I had to spend money on my day for me. It meant that I could go to the store by myself. It meant that I could go for a nice long walk and listen to a new album I had downloaded off Amazon (I seriously LOVE downloading music from them!). It meant that I could come back home and get in my PJs and not do a damn thing if I didn’t want to, except maybe catch up on all those shows I’ve been meaning to watch on my DVR.

Now, I’ve decided to start something new on my day for me… I’m going to start trying new yoga poses. Thankfully, Pinterest makes it sooooo easy to do that. I mean, really, go take a look at my fitness board.

What I’m trying this week is one from Yoga by Candace… To make it easier for all of you, I am embedding her video here:

Please let me know if you like this video, and if you will, join me in trying this every morning this week! After all, don’t you deserve a “day for me”?

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