Cleaning Out My Closet…

I’ve seen a ton of people post about spring cleaning this week, and I even heard of the 40 Bags In 40 Days Challenge, so I decided to challenge myself… To start cleaning out my closet!

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Unfortunately, I don’t just take up closet space at my house though, I take it up at my mom’s too! She has pretty much ALL the clothes that I wore when I was in high school, and everything I couldn’t bear parting with as an adult, but could no longer wear. It’s all just sitting somewhere. The great thing is, seeing as how I graduated 10 years ago, it’s been enough time that most of these clothes have come back into style, so there are some very lucky people out there!

Now, I’m too lazy to have a yard sale, but I need the money too much to just give perfectly good clothes away right now, so I’ve been selling them on eBay. Most of what I’ve done is three day listings, and they’re doing pretty good (each individual item has been bringing an average of $5, and some as much as $18!) with a goal of three new listings each day until I am completely out of crap to get rid of.

My challenge to you is to do the same! Take a good hard look at all the things around you and start cleaning out your closet,  or fill it up with some things out of mine! Seriously, look up aliciainasmalltown on eBay and see if you can find anything you like!

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