Christmas Card Time!!!

So, while I was searching for unique Christmas cards to send out to my family and friends this year, I found a WONDERFUL website: Minted! They have the most unique and adorable Christmas cards that I have found in a LONG time! Seriously, you can add your photos and choose different shapes for your cards… And the fonts are GREAT! The best part is that the designs are all made by indie designers; people just like me and you, so you will be supporting the single mom down the road, an artist a few hours away, and not some already-rich CEO… which you know makes me VERY happy! 🙂

Now, while I was playing with the Christmas cards and trying to pick my perfect one, I found a really AWESOME option: Free recipient addressing! My handwriting isn’t horrible, but it isn’t all that great either, plus, it saves me time when my cards come in… I won’t have to sit down and address them all!

Ridiculous Cheer is my favorite design, and here’s a preview of what it will look like :

Christmas Card-AC
This is not my actual Christmas card, of course. 😉

Now, the site has plenty more to offer… I found some awesome business cards while I was there for my sign shop and some really great art to hang on my walls, or if I decide to be less greedy, to give as Christmas gifts.

While I was on their site, I was given the option to complete a survey to receive 10% off when I returned, and you bet that I’ll be doing just that. Of course, right now they have better coupon codes on their site, 15% off orders of $150+ when you enter the code HOLIDAY14, and with the same code, you receive 10% off orders of $100+.

Minted also offers the opportunity to opt out of receiving a digital proof to receive $10 off your order and more expedient shipping (two days faster!!!). Even if you would rather get your FREE digital proof, it still takes less than two weeks to receive your cards from the time you place your order., you have received a customer for life! I can’t wait to get my Christmas cards in!!! I hope that everyone who reads this decides to at least go check them out, but will also share their thoughts with me here in the comments! 🙂

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