Cheat Meals

We all have them, our go-to “I’m too lazy to put a lot of thought into what I’m cooking” meal. Our cheat meal. I actually have a few… It all depends on the effort I’m willing to put into that night as to what I use.

I keep several different items on stock at all times so that if I ever have a lazy day, I can put my cheat meal together without running to the store. My favorite meal that is super easy and fast is chicken alfredo. I’m not sure how most people cook their chicken alfredo, but I am going to tell you my super easy, fast, and cheap way. I keep frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts in my freezer at all times, so the first thing to do is thaw the chicken, usually about 3-4 breasts are enough. After thawing them, dice them into one inch squares, season them to your taste (my favorite is garlic), and throw them in a skillet and cook them. While they are cooking, start boiling some bowtie pasta (really any pasta, but bowtie pasta is my favorite!). After your chicken is prepared, all that’s left is to mix in your choice of alfredo sauce, drain your pasta and mix it in as well. Super easy, fast, and cheap (did I mention, it’s kinda healthy too?).

My other go-tos do not require detail… They require complete laziness. Frozen lasagna should always be in your freezer. Always. Just in case. Another wonderfully easy thing is sloppy joes. The kids love sloppy joes, and they are the absolute easiest things to cook.

Now that I’ve shared my favorite cheat meals, how about you tell me what your favorite cheat/lazy day meals are in the comments below?

Talk to you soon,


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