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DIY Saturday Button Thumbtacks

This week’s DIY Saturday is super easy, but super cute, and will be part of my Christmas gifts this year. This week, we are making button thumbtacks.

What exactly is a button thumbtack? Well, it’s something incredibly cute that you (or the person that you are giving them to) are going to love!

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52 Things I Love About You

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, this week’s DIY is an awesome (and inexpensive) way to show how much you love your significant other! This week’s project is titled 52 Things I Love About You, and I think you’ll love it! Of course, this gift can be given for a birthday, Christmas, or just because, but I think it’s perfect for the hubs’ Valentine’s present!

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DIY Dog Rope Toys

Long before I knew I was getting Trigger, I started looking into DIY dog toys… Mostly because we do have Izzy, and I have been trying to win her over for over a year now (I’d like to report that I think it’s working too!).  Anywho, with my research, I found a way to make DIY dog rope toys that are absolutely awesome, mostly because the dogs LOVE them, but also because they are virtually free to make!

DIY Dog Rope Toys

So, how do you make DIY dog rope toys for free? By re-purposing old t-shirts! That’s right, we’re making these dog rope toys out of t-shirts.

Let’s start first by making t-shirt yarn. I love this tutorial!

You can make the toys out of just one color, but I like making them colorful with at least 3 colors or more (which means finding several t-shirts that you don’t need anymore, so you’ll be doing yourself a service by cleaning out your closet!).

Now comes the even more fun part!

It’s time to make the DIY dog rope toys!

Take your t-shirt yarn, in the colors of your choosing (here’s a hint: your dog won’t care what colors you choose, but you will!) and lay it out. Now, you’ll want to cut your t-shirt yarn into strands that are about five feet each. I use double the length of my arm to judge the length.

Now, how many strands you use for your DIY rope toy will depend on the size of your dog. You can make them with as few as 12 strands, but I prefer to make them nice and thick with 24 strands.

After you have the amount of strands cut that you feel are appropriate, grab all of your strands together and tie them in a knot about 2-3 inches from the end. Once you’ve done this, you’ll separate your strands out into 3 equal bunches, and start making your DIY rope toy with a simply braid. When you’ve reached your desired length, you’ll simply tie it off and trim the edges.

I’ve made these toys in various lengths, so that Izzy and Trigger can play with them alone, or have a fun match of tug of war with them.

These DIY dog rope toys have been a HUGE hit at our house, and I’m sure that they will be at yours too!

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DIY Owl Wreath

What we’re making…

This week at Alicia In A Small Town marks a very special occasion. This is our very first DIY Saturday. I decided since it was so special that we had to make it extra special… That is why we are doing a DIY Owl Wreath? Why the DIY Owl Wreath? Well, because everyone around here always loves the wreathes that I make, and I love owls, so I decided to combine the two and share it with you!

DIY Owl Wreath

What we need…

Below is a list of everything that you will need for your DIY Owl Wreath:

  • A wreath form. It can be a twig wreath or a Styrofoam or wire wreath form. I like the wire ones, but that’s because I tend to break my wreathes down and reuse the form, so it holds up better.
  • Brown feather boas. 2 of them. You can use bright colors if you prefer to have a bright colored owl, but I am going to stick with brown.
  • Colored felt for eyes, beak, and talons (white, black, and a yellow-orange)
  • Raffia for Eyebrows
  • “Whoooo’s there?” Sign. This can be any piece of wood that you can find at your local craft store. I prefer to get a round on that I can attach to the back of my wreath form, but it is completely up to you and your taste.
  • A hot glue gun, or fabric glue

How to make it…

To make your DIY Owl Wreath, you’ll want to start by wrapping your feather boa around the wreath form. I bought two boas just to be on the safe side (I didn’t want my owl to have any bald spots after all. 😉

After you have done that, you’ll want to cut your felt into the needed shapes. I cut my white felt into two five inch circles, and made the pupils out of two 2.5″ circles in black felt. Next, I cut a triangle for my beak, and two feet (or talons). Make sure to glue (or stitch if you’re an overachiever…) the pupils onto your owl’s eyeballs very good… We wouldn’t want him to lose a pupil after all. 🙂

Now, you can try to use the hot glue gun to attach your eyes and beak to the feathers if you’d like, but what I decided to do was hot glue pipe cleaners to the back and then twist the pipe cleaners around my wreath form so that I could be sure that they’d stay attached. I did the same with my talons…

Now, let’s make our “Whooooo’s there?” sign. Remember, I said I like a round sign that will fit behind my wreath form. My sign is a 10″ circle, about 1/4″ thick. I painted it tan, and used brown lettering. I chose to seal the sign because I REALLY like my wreath and would like to continue using it when I don’t have my regular seasonal wreathes up. After I sealed it, I drilled four small holes in it, close to the edge, where they wouldn’t be seen. I ran paracord through these holes and tied the sign to the backside of my wreath form.

How do you like the DIY Owl Wreath?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s tutorial, and that you make your own DIY Owl Wreath. Please make sure to send me a picture to if you do!

Leave a comment below and let me know what kind of DIY tutorials you would like to see next!

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