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Baby Babb, please get out! 

If you follow my blog, or follow me on Facebook, you know I’m pregnant. 38 and a half weeks pregnant right now to be exact. I have officially reached the “OMG I’m so tired of this” stage of pregnancy…

The above photo was taken this week. Baby Babb and I initially made a deal, that he would stay in long enough for me to get my hair done. As you can see, I made it… But he’s decided that he’s not coming out yet.

Yesterday, I started really trying to encourage him to come. I don’t think I spent more than 5 minutes off my feet. I cleaned, I danced, I walked and walked. I did squats. I’ve had contractions for weeks… And after all that yesterday, not a single contraction. Last  night,  I sent the hubs to the grocery store and told him to come back with fresh pineapple and pineapple juice. We’re going to give that a try, along with some good old fashioned sex.

Why? Because it’s time for us to meet Baby Babb… So, guess what Baby Babb, you are being evicted. Please, kindly, get out!

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How My Journey Started- The Steam Mop

Let me start by saying that I haven’t always made the “greenest” of choices, and that I am still not an environmental nut. I still make very selfish choices for very selfish reasons, and my journey to a green, chemical free lifestyle was started by a complete accident. It all started with a steam mop.

It all started with a steam mop copy Continue reading How My Journey Started- The Steam Mop

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Earning Extra Money For A New House

So, if you’ve kept up with the Facebook page lately, you know that we are in the process of buying a house. In anticipation of the down payment, moving expenses, and things that we will need for the new house (it doesn’t have a fenced in yard), I am in the process of earning extra money. Now, it might seem crazy, but I have set a goal for myself. I am hoping to earn $3,000 (this is in addition to what we have in our savings for a down payment) in the next 60 days or less. I’ve set up various avenues to be able to do so, and I am busting my behind in order to do so.

Extra money for a new house copy

In addition to earning extra money, I have also put my husband and myself on a spending freeze. We are not making ANY unnecessary purchases at this time, and are even doing what we can to lower our bills to save extra money. Continue reading Earning Extra Money For A New House

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Coping With Stress

Hi there everybody! I hope that you’ve had a wonderful week. Mine was… challenging. I had some changes at work that I am still trying to adjust to, and my poor oldest is sick with bronchitis. The hubs is getting ready to head out for the week, so I’ll be spending the day getting him ready to go and making sure that he doesn’t forget anything.

This week, while coping with stress, I’ve been having fun playing with the hubs’ coffee thermos, and letting him know how I feel about him each and every morning… It’s a lot of fun (he thinks it’s hilarious too) and as long as it’s done with a dry erase marker, it just wipes right off!

Fill in the blank thermos coping with stress Continue reading Coping With Stress

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A Much Better Week!

This week I am much more into the swing of things… I am getting my workout going, and I’ve gotten back into the swing of things with work. Right now, I am just attempting to get myself back organized with my new planner from Stick To Stigu.

stick to stigu planner cover

I wouldn’t say that I am a completely unorganized person, I actually do fairly well, but since my schedule is so simple, I tend to get a little on the lazy side when it comes to jotting things down in my planner. I mean, should I really mark off 7-3:15 for work everyday… The answer is YES, I should. I should, and I should consult my planner when I make appointments. I have dedicated this week to getting everything marked off in my planner so that I don’t have any mishaps with appointments and I can take less time off work. It works out better, and I am LOVING it. Plus, seeing that my schedule isn’t actually completely free makes me feel a LOT more productive!

stick to stigu planner

Now, I know that a lot of people love their phone calendars, and I do too, but I NEED a paper planner. There is something about actually writing appointments down that helps me to remember them. My planner of choice this year is from StickToStigu. While no planner is perfect, I think this one is pretty close to it. I love the blank pages that it has that have suggestions and exercises for you that spark your creativity, and I love that it has inspirational quotes each week.

I chose a weekly planner this year, so I have to remind myself that the few dislikes that I have are not the fault of the planner, but they are from my habits. I do miss having my daily planner, but I LOVE having my whole week available to see at once. I also like the perforated corners at the bottom of each page for me to rip off once that week has passed, so it makes it easier for me to find my current week in the planner.  The only suggestion that I might have for them is to have time frames listed on the page… But I’m dealing well without it for now. 🙂

If you would like to get your own Stick To Stigu planner, you can do that here.

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