Caring For Your Personalized Shirt

monogrammed sweatshirtI get asked, without a doubt, every single time I deliver a shirt to a friend or family member “How do I wash and dry it?” or “Can I put it in the dryer?” The answer varies based on the material, but I have taken a few steps to make this as stress free as possible for everyone, whether you come to my house to pick up a shirt or I have to ship it across the country to you.

I’ve started including a small label attached to each shirt as a reminder, but I think it’s important to post it here as well, because sometimes we ignore those labels. 🙂


T-Shirt Care Instructions:

Item should be washed inside out and on gentle cycle with cold water. Our shirts are not pre-washed, so 100% cotton and 50/50 blend shirts will shrink some when washed.

When drying: Tumble dry on low heat. To avoid possible shrinkage, lay flat or hang to dry. Since the material is heat reactive, there is a chance of shrinkage and tightening when exposed to heat (like in the dryer).

***When you wash and dry, do not exceed temperatures of 180 F.***


None of this is to say that I haven’t forgotten the shirts I’ve made for myself were in the laundry and thrown them in the dryer. Some have turned out perfect, while others have turned out not so great. I can tell you for sure from experience that the glitter vinyl doesn’t do well when you accidentally throw it through the dryer for  second time around in the same day (DON’T ASK!!!).

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